Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Sale!!!

Now that the Thanksgiving feast has been demoted to leftovers, I'm now turning my attention towards the Christmas season festivities (and besides the Black Friday debacles, isn't it a wonderful time of the year?).While yesterday I spent the day with my mom and daughter at a nearby small town's annual craft fair, meeting new people and selling our wares (Mom's crocheting, Jess' jewelry), I did a very spontaneous book sale. Today, I've decided to extend my book promotion to you! Are you excited yet? I am! 

So, here's the deal. From now until Dec. 3, 2011:

Buy 1 book, save 10%
Buy 2 books or more, save 25%

You can either mix and match or order extra for people you love as a gift!

So, here's the new price list:

The Rain Song 13.99 1 copy: $12.59  2 copies: $20.99
Going to California: 18.99 1 copy: $17.09  2 copies: $28.49

or my favorite... THE BUNDLE!

1 copy of each: 32.98 $24.74

Please add $4.95 for shipping (up to each bundle package) within the United States. I will be more than willing to ship overseas, we'll just need to figure out the type of shipping you want as well as cost.

So, I'm sure you're asking, "How can I get this great deal?" That's easy - email me at and let me know which of the above you would like, and if it's a gift for someone special (include their name too, please!). I'll send an invoice via Paypal and you can follow the link provided. See...easy!

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