Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Early Christmas Giveaway

Micah has been talking to me about a Christmas surprise for his family and I have to admit that the kid has some lofty goals. It’s too bad that he and I can’t talk more often, but after the last time…

Anyhow, as you can imagine, David isn’t talking to me and has even gotten very good at hanging up the phone before I can even get out the word “Hello!” So, where does that leave me? *Sigh* Crocell. Apparently he wants to discuss what I can and cannot disclose about his grandson in his books. Would I be chicken if I said I really don’t want to? Can you blame me for being hesitant about a Grand Duke of Hell sitting across from me as if we were just two people enjoying tea and cookies? Yeah, I thought not!

“He’s not going to bite, you know?”

I don’t have to turn, I already know who it is and this is either going to get my oak tree TP’d, or my car egged. Don’t look at me like that… David takes his duties as both a big brother and a Guardian very seriously! And I think for now I’m going to leave Micah’s comment alone - just the idea of Crocell biting anyone is enough to send a cold shiver down my spine.

Me: *smiling* Hey Micah, what’s on your mind?

I decide to sit down because he’s looking like he’s about to bounce off the walls. Thankfully that’s one thing that can’t be blamed on me – I haven’t given him any cookies this time… yet.


Me: *smiling* Well, yeah, of course… that’s normal. So, what are you going to ask Santa for? I saw this great looking train in the store the other day. It was made to look like it had snow and presents all over it. I bet you’d like something like that, right?

Micah: *looks at me with great pity* Ummm…no, I don’t think so. Thanks for thinking of me though!

Why is it when he gets that tone, he’s trying to be polite… too polite.

Me: Uh, sure thing, kiddo. But if that’s not it, then what’s on your mind? Is it about your surprise?

Micah: Shhhh! DON’T TELL!!!

Me: I wasn’t going to tell, jeez… what do you take me for? Wait… don’t answer that!

I’m looking at him and waiting for him to spring whatever it is on me.

Micah: Well, you know how many people like the books, right?

I nod, wondering if the kid is buttering me up and yes, it’s definitely the phone ringing in time to my ears.

Micah: But there are others who say they would like to read them but can’t afford them right now?

Again, I nod. How can you argue with the truth?

Micah: Well, how about a contest? You know… people tell you which of their friends would like to read the books but can’t afford them, or would like them for Christmas, and then you can pick which one gets a copy!

Huh! The kid has a good idea. Before I get a chance to tell him just how great it is, he answers the phone and I’m pretty sure the only reason why he did is because he knows big brother is calling. It’s not long before Micah smiles, then giggles and nods his head before quickly hanging up the phone and runs to the door.

Micah: Bye! I’ll help you pick!

I can’t help but laugh. Only I would have a character of my books go through my house like he lived there!

Okay, so… contest! With the economy the way it is, Christmas is coming upon us and USPS is often slower than a terrapin on a hot summer day, I announce the contest in full swing.

The Prize:
1 copy each of The Rain Song and Going to California

The Rules:
1) Leave the name of someone who you know, who has mentioned they would like their own copy of either The Rain Song or Going to California, in the comments. (Hopefully it’s someone that for whatever reason is unable to get a copy on their own. )

2) You cannot name yourself! (We have to keep the Christmas spirit in here somewhere)

3) If the post office delivers, you can enter!

4) Entry starts immediately and ends Nov. 24th 2011 at 6pm CST (USA time).

5) The winner will be picked by random drawing at or shortly after 6pm CST on Nov. 24th 2011 and the person who enters the winner’s name will be notified so more information can be gathered. 

6) Also, the person who enters the winning name will get a special surprise as well – a limited edition Going to California coffee mug. There were only 10 made of this design and I use one myself. J

So, what are you waiting for? Give me those names!!!


  1. I will say my Aunt Paula. I bought her The Rain Song when it released, she enjoyed it.

  2. My mom Barbara Deckard. I won't let her barrow mine because they are autographed by Janice Grove herself and they are special to me

  3. Congratulations to Barbara Deckard - you've won a copy of both The Rain Song and Going to California!