Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally, The Interview With Crocell

Me: *Mutters while rearranging the room* I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for Micah… he knows that. Too bad I can’t seem to tell the little guy, “No!” Of course not, he’s too freaking adorable! *Sigh* Might as well get this over with.

*walks over to the door, takes a final look around to make sure everything’s in place before taking a deep breath and allowing my guest in*

Me: Hi, Crocell.

Crocell: *amused* Going for the Ode de Overkill look?

*I look around again and have to agree that maybe some of the sigils were a bit overboard*

Me: *uneasy* Well, it’s not like I have a Duke of Hell over for a conversation every day.

Crocell: *laughing* I should hope not!

*I motion to the small loveseat in the office and while he sits, I try to calm my nerves*

Crocell: Micah failed to mention you were this… flappable.

*I can understand what he means and honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d promised the little guy I’d do this, you can bet I’d have even more protections up the ying yang in an effort to keep someone of his…um… ilk out!*

Me: Well, you have to admit, you are a bit… intimidating. So, you wanted to meet and talk about Micah and the books.

Crocell: Yes. It seems some people have the wrong impression about my grandson.

Me: I know. Really, I have no idea how that happened! I mean, it’s not as if I ever said that Micah is a demon child. In fact, I didn’t even hint at it!

Crocell: And there lies the problem. *he stands* I cannot have my grandson known as some evil incarnate just because someone refuses to read your book instead of skimming through it. 

*I nod because… well, he’s right!*

Crocell: I am sure that while you regret any misconceptions, you can also understand my concern. Your kind, have a habit of… overreacting.

*Cringing, I can’t help but agree. While I’ve shown several of Micah and David’s adventures, there’s still other stories of theirs that don’t put people in a very good light*

Me: I’ll do what I can to change their opinions.

Crocell: Thank you. Now, I must leave as I have it on very good authority I have a usurper in my midst and I have been quite tolerant of him for too long.

*I watch him leave through the same door he walked in and can’t help if he did it as a courtesy to me, or if it’s another way for him to get under my skin. I can only hope he didn’t do his disappearing act outside where the neighbors can see – can you imagine their reactions?*

*phone rings*

Me: Hello.

David: I told you.

Me: *nodding* Yes, you did. Thanks for the heads up by the way, I kept a window cracked.

David: Yeah, well… just don’t get any ideas that I like you or anything.

Me: Of course not. 


David: Micah says, “Hi!” you know how he is.

*I can hear the big brother amusement loud and clear*

Me: Yeah, I know. Hey, seriously, thanks for the heads up about the lavender and sulfur smell, I think I would have puked on his shoes if I hadn’t had the window open.

David: *laughs loudly* I would have given all of my summer pay to have seen that!

*the dial tone tells me that our conversation is over, but I can’t help but think that maybe David and I come to some sort of understanding*

Me: Ouch!

*looks at the seat under my now bruised bottom to find a nice shiny push pin*

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

... And We're Back!!!

Me: … I think, maybe… YES! That was it!

Micah: Really? Yay! You won’t tell Mommy what it was will you?

I can’t help but be amazed. Oh, not that he wants to protect his brother, but he’d think that I’d rat the kid out!

Me: *shakes head* Nah, it’s cool. But can you do me a favor? Let him know that the next time he wants to get back at me… TP my yard, don’t hack my blog and change the password, okay? How’d he do that anyway?

I know David isn’t dumb, but I never thought the kid was computer savvy.

Micah: *shrugs* He knows people.

Me: *stares blankly* 

Micah: I have to go now. When can you talk to Crocell?

Me: *stunned and thinking, “how about… never?”* Does it really mean that much to you?

Micah: *nods enthusiastically*

Me: *sigh* How about you set up a time for either this week or next. Will that work?

I get a hug for my agreement and I can’t help but melt a little. It takes me a minute to realize the little guy is gone… again. Well at least now I can get back into my blog. But I’m trying very hard to ignore the comment about David knowing people… that has a bit of an ominous tone, doesn’t it? Yeah…