Friday, August 26, 2011

First Posts and a Surprise

Wow, my first post under Team Remington! I have to say, I'm a bit nervous... it's not like I actually asked to do this, but they can't really get that mad at me for it, right? Uh... right? Sure, ever since Micah joined their little family the Remingtons have been more than a little... uh... secluded. But that doesn't mean they're anti-social... I hope!

So now that I have the Team Remington blog up (a huge thanks going out to my best friend and sister Anita!), I can get back to editing the third book in the series, Whole Lotta Love - sigh, it's about time! With hubby and the kids off doing their thing, I can actually get back to work and...

*knock knock*

Okay, this can't be good. Even our German Shepherd, Loki, knows that if the keys are clacking, don't come asking. *I really can't believe I said that!*

One more heavy sigh and off to the door I go...

Me: Yes? *I have to answer even if it's with an impatient question. After all it could be one of the kids without the key, or the newspaper boy selling subscriptions* As I open the door I'm shocked.

Me: Micah?!?

Micah: Can I come in?

He's quiet, which isn't unusual, but he won't look at me, which tells me something is on his mind.

Me: Of course! Where's David? Don't tell me you snuck off again!

Micah: *shrugs* He doesn't want to talk to you. I think he's upset because you didn't ask about the... thing.

Me: Uh...thing?

Micah: *nodding* Uh huh... the thing where you tell everyone what you're doing and what we're doing and we won't get to have any say so and...

Me: Whoa sweetie...slow down! First off... how did you...? *holds up one hand* Nope, I don't want to know. Okay, how's this... you tell everyone what you want them to know. Do you think that'll work? *I can't help but hope that this will work. How many authors are out there who isn’t blogging in this day and age, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought!*

Micah: What if they don't want to know anything?

Me: *sitting stunned* Are you kidding me? Trust me; they'll want to know everything about you! That's what's going to be so fun... you can tell them what you want. Hey, I know... you can have your mom and dad stop by sometime too - the whole family can put their own spin on everything! 

Micah: *looks over his shoulder* I have to go, David's getting worried. Promise not to tell him anything yet?

Me: I promise, sweetie. Now get back home before I have one irate big brother to deal with, OK?

I watch as Micah rushes out the door and I can't help but yell after him, Shut the door! I swear, he's more like one of my kids!